Websites Every Aspiring Programmer Should Visit At Least Once

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For every aspiring programmer and every student looking to improve his or her programming skill, I offer this list of my personal selection of websites that have both helped me, challenged me, and inspired me to improve the skill of my craft. Each page is meant to be a portal to an ocean of knowledge that I hope you will find of interest. They are in no particular order.


BigQuery: My "Best Practices" List

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BigQuery, part of the
Google Cloud Platform

If you're not familiar with it, BigQuery is an indispensable tool in a Data Warehouse. When you are responsible for databases which grow by 10's of gigs of data per day, the traditional relational database best practices are thrown out the window.

I recently posted about my personal list of best practices in a Hacker News thread, but I want to repeat and expand on that here, so that hopefully it's easier for someone to find and benefit from.

Overview: How is BigQuery different from traditional, relational databases?

Both can have relational data. Both use SQL. There is a lot of overlap, to be sure, so I will focus on the biggest difference, and that is that BigQuery does not use indexes.



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